COVID-19 Guidelines

Covid-19 Information

Common Household COVID Prevention Protocols:

  • Mutual & Periodic Testing – Many prospective employers are including COVID testing as part of their pre-hire process. In some cases, periodic testing may be required throughout the employment relationship. Just as candidates and employees, clients and their families are also getting tested in order to keep their staff and loved ones safe.
  • Masks – Staff members are required to wear masks when running household errands, provisioning and engaging in any other public space where social-distancing is not possible. In some cases, masks may be worn in the household throughout the entire work day.
  • Leave Them at the Door! – In general, street shoes should never be worn inside a home. However, walking into a home with shoes on during a global health pandemic is an even bigger faux pas.
  • Frequent Hand-Washing – Anyone entering a home must immediately wash their hands and frequently throughout the day.
  • Temperature Checks – Because signs of COVID can include fever (not just high but low grade), some households are conducting temperature checks at the door.
  • Quarantine – If you are a candidate looking to be hired, be prepared to be asked to quarantine for 2-weeks before beginning a new role or trialing with a family. In some instances, a family may ask you to quarantine and work with them for an extended period of time.

Be in the Know! – Stay tuned with updates from leading health organizations such as the Center of Disease Control. Not only do they share important data about the virus but they also have valuable guidelines and resources for employers and the community. Here is a helpful link to get you started: