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In order to be approved as a candidate by Luxaia Residential Staffing, you must have at least 2 years of private domestic household experience relevant to the positions that you’re applying for. The interview process is the best way for us to get to know you. Once you meet all the criteria we will set up a time and the best way to meet. If your experience and career goals match the needs of the client and their detailed job description, we will be happy to present you! After presenting your resume package, and a client wishes to interview you, verbal reference checks and a basic background check will be completed at that time. We screen for criminal, motor vehicle, and sex offender history. Candidates who have not completed the full screening process will not be presented to our clients. We take pride in doing the extra work needed to present only qualified professionals like you. We strive to keep constant communication with our candidates, we aim for your success.  There is no fee associated with this service. All we ask is that you represent us professionally, and hold yourself to the highest levels of integrity and honesty in all aspects of the process, from hiring to working at your new position. We know the importance of having a great relationship with our professional candidates, as without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.


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Luxaia Residential staffing does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.


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Terms and conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

In submitting your Candidate Application (the 'Application') to LRS you are deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  • I agree that all information provided by me in the Application is truthful, accurate, and complete.
  • I understand that providing false, misleading, or incomplete information in the Application will prevent me from being a Candidate.
  • I hereby grant LRS permission to investigate my background and previous work experience and qualifications and hereby release any party furnishing or receiving such information, including LRS, from any and all potential claims, lawsuits, or damages, regarding this investigation and/or its receipt of any such information.
  • I agree to represent LRS professionally and respectfully at all times.
  • I agree to conduct myself at all times in the most professional and courteous way.
  • It is my responsibility to inform LRS immediately upon receiving offers of employment or pending employment with any of our clients.  I will not refer friends or anyone else to our client for employment purposes.
  • Your response to any question on the Application will not be used as any basis for discrimination, but will be judged on its relevance to the position for which you are applying. LRS will use your Application only to verify the information provided and for no other legal purpose.

Privacy Policy

Luxaia Residential Staffing (“Luxaia”) is committed to protecting your privacy. The information you provide us helps us serve you better. It is the policy of Luxaia to respect the privacy of its customers and to protect the security and confidentiality of your nonpublic personal information. Luxaia, including its employees, agents and/or representatives, may not, directly or through any of its affiliates, disclose to a third party any nonpublic personal information unless required, or otherwise authorized, by law. It is also the policy of Luxaia to prohibit the disclosure of nonpublic personal information to affiliates except as necessary to process a transaction or to provide services requested or authorized by you, the client. You can trust that we will keep your information absolutely confidential.