Taking you beyond the resume


Luxaia places a wide range of domestic staffing positions, from estate managers and butlers to chauffeurs, chefs, housekeepers, teachers, and executive, personal, or family assistants. Our services, screening process, and continued support structure have been developed to provide for the seamless integration of new employees into any household. After all, these employees come into your home on a daily basis and for many become a part of the extended family.

Our Mission

from the job description to the job offer

We understand that choosing a candidate is an important step, so let us spend our days mulling over resumes, interviewing candidates, and running in-depth background checks. All of our processes are designed to make it easy for you to select the ideal professional to work with you in your home! We take confidentiality, honesty, integrity, and professionalism very seriously. We’ll never share personal and/or confidential information. Based on your lifestyle, home maintenance, and family dynamics, you may need to hire for one or more positions, and we are here to advise! We make it a priority to understand the individual needs of every household before we begin the search for candidates.

Luxaia Residential Staffing uses the following guidelines when looking at potential candidates:

  • We only accept an applicant as a potential candidate if they have at least two years of private service experience closely related to the position that they are applying for.
  • We only accept an applicant as candidate if we can verify their previous work history by letters of recommendation as well as contact with previous employers.
  • We conduct a comprehensive interview with all of our candidates to determine their different strengths and weaknesses, their goals, expectations, and work history.
  • We look at the personal character of each individual to determine if the candidate meets your needs and specific criteria before anyone is presented to you as an option. We will only pass on candidates to our clients once we are completely satisfied with the research we have conducted and we are confident in our findings to the very best of our knowledge.

We perform an in-depth background check on all of our candidates before they interview with our client. Our background check will cover the following areas:

  • Criminal and arrest records
  • Sexual offender databases
  • Driving records
  • More extensive background information is attainable for extra fees

We will assist the family with the final offer letter to the candidate if they choose.